60% decrease in Cross-sectional Area of the Median Nerve following CTR using the SX-One MicroKnife® and ultrasound guidance.

Latzka EW, et. al.

Sonographic changes after ultrasound-guided release of the transverse carpal ligament: a case report. PM&R 2018; 10: 1125-9.


Case report of sonographic changes in a 72-year old man following CTR using the SX-One MicroKnife and Ultrasound Guidance performed under local anesthesia in a procedure suite.


Post procedure diagnostic US confirmed TCL transection, median nerve palmar displacement, and median nerve CSA improvement from 0.24 cm2 preoperatively to 0.16 cm2 at 1 month and 0.14 cm2 at 3 months (60% decrease in size). At 1-week follow-up, the patient reported significant improvements in night pain, numbness and tingling and forearm pain. His pain score improved from 5 of 10 to 2 of 10, and the incision was well healed. At both 1 and 3-month follow-up, the patient reported 0 of 10 pain and complete symptom resolution. He reported being very satisfied and indicated that he would recommend the procedure to others.