Our Story

A Transformation in Healthcare

In 2014, Mayo Clinic physicians, Darryl Barnes, MD and Jay Smith, MD teamed up with business operations expert, Aaron Keenan to transform healthcare—and found Sonex Health. Brought together by a shared desire to create safe, effective treatments to common orthopedic conditions, they had big visions but humble beginnings. So, they started in Dr. Barnes’s garage.

There, they built the first prototype of UltraGuideCTR™, an innovative device that allows carpal tunnel release to be performed safely and effectively in an office setting using ultrasound guidance. Now, Sonex Health is bringing the power of UltraGuideCTR with Meerkat Technology® to you, so you can experience the rapid patient recovery, improved patient experience and lower cost of quality care.

UltraGuideCTR is at the center of the technology developed by Sonex Health, but our plans don’t stop there. We believe deeply in the ability of ultrasound guidance to advance and improve healthcare across the board. And we won’t stop until the healthcare system we know has been transformed.

Sonex Health Leadership

Experience. Vision. Conviction.

Sonex Health brings together a well-respected and experienced team of individuals who know how to create, develop and market medical technologies that can change the lives of millions of patients. Now, working as one, we’re tapping into the power of ultrasound guidance and innovation to transform the patient experience and improve healthcare.