About Us

Sonex Health

Sonex Health

We believe in the transformative power of ultrasound-guided procedures to reduce invasiveness, improve safety and lower the cost of care.


“Refined simplicity” is the guiding principle behind Sonex Health—it drives our efforts and innovations, and results in elegant, effective solutions to some of the healthcare system’s most pressing needs.

Our Story

Mayo Clinic physicians Darryl Barnes, MD and Jay Smith, MD and business operations expert Aaron Keenan founded Sonex Health in 2014. The three were brought together by a shared desire to create safe, effective means of treating common orthopedic conditions that will improve the patient experience and safety while decreasing the cost of quality care.

Sonex Health Leadership

Experience. Vision. Conviction.

Sonex Health brings together a well-respected and experienced team of individuals who know how to create, develop and market medical technologies that can change the lives of millions of patients. Now, working as one, we’re tapping into the power of ultrasound guidance and innovation to transform the patient experience and improve healthcare.