MSK Ultrasound Cadaver Lab Registration

Minimally Invasive Techniques

Learn Minimally Invasive Techniques for Carpal Tunnel Release and Trigger Finger Release

The Hands-on MSK Ultrasound Cadaver Lab is a short-duration introductory event designed for physicians interested in minimally invasive techniques using ultrasound guidance. REGISTER NOW

  • 2 hour in-person training
  • Learn ultrasound scanning techniques
  • Sonographic appearance of normal tissues
  • Clinical applications using unembalmed cadaveric specimens
  • Carpal tunnel injection including hydrodissection
  • Introduction to carpal tunnel release using ultrasound¬†guidance
  • Tendons and tendon sheath injections
  • Introduction to trigger finger release using ultrasound¬†guidance
  • Participant will receive access to all online education and training resources for self-guided learning
Wrist cross section showing carpal tunnel anatomy

Registration: Hands-On MSK Ultrasound Cadaver Lab