Audio Transcription – Sister Kevin Testimonial

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[Title]: Sonex Health
[Title]: Carpal Tunnel Release with Ultrasound Guidance, Sister Kevin’s Story

Sister Kevin is dressed in nuns clothing wearing glasses and sitting for a testimonial interview.

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[Sister Kevin]: I’m Sister Kevin. I live at Immaculata Monastery here in Norfolk.

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[Title]: Sister Kevin was experiencing pain in her arm and wrist.

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It was really bad at night, woke me up during the night tingling numbness pain clear up to my shoulder.

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Just that kind of really irritating thing.

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[Title]: Sister Kevin elected to have Carpal Tunnel Release with ultrasound guidance and the SX-One MicroKnife.

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And found out that I, you know really had a lot of narrowing in my carpal tunnel. Needed some help with that.

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So I came in this morning and the same deal. I just laid down on a table.

Sister Kevin is laying in a doctors chair with her left arm extended as a physician and his physician assistant look at an ultrasound monitor while scanning her carpal tunnel with a probe.

Close up of Sister Kevin’s wrist as the physician places a steri-strip adhesive over a small wrist incision.

[Text on screen]: The small incision was closed without sutures, only adhesive strips and a bandage.

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They, you know, put disinfectant Betadine on my arm and he put in the little probe and voila.

Physician wrapping Sister Kevins wrist with a plastic adhesive bandage to cover the incision.

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I had a carpal tunnel procedure done using ultrasound guidance, took like 20 minutes.

Sister Kevin is sitting in nuns clothing wearing glasses and sitting down giving her testimony.

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It was totally awesome. And I’m ready to go home.

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You know don’t put it off anymore. The braces are good at night and all that kind of thing.

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But at this point, if you’re ready to have it done, this is the way to go.

[Text on Screen]: Sister Kevin was not prescribed any pain medications, only Tylenol.

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[Text on Screen]: Sister Kevin drove herself home that same day.

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